We offer trainings designed to serve different people at different levels.

Our Trainings

  • Advanced Living Series

    Do you sometimes feel that life in the modern world seems almost within our control? Does it not seem obvious that we have the technology to modify our living environment for our comfort and convenience and the freedom to indulge in luxury and whim? read more
  • Blissful Living Series

    Do you sometimes feel that you just want the world to stop for a minute so that you can gather your wits together before plunging back into the non-stop maelstrom we call life? read more
  • Colourful Living Workshop

    How is it that some people seem able to maintain a serenity through life, despite difficulties obvious to the rest of us, with such enviable ease? If you are one who often feels the jagged edges of everyday existence, you may sometimes wonder how they could live with such calm, seemingly passive in the face of everything the world throws at them. read more

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